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There are six psyllid families (Calophyidae, Carsidaridae, Homotomidae, Phacopteronidae, Psyllidae, Triozidae). Each family has a number of signature morphological characters. [This page is under construction, below are some general psyllid adult and nymphal illustrations and character descriptions].

Morphological terminology follows Brown & Hodkinson 1988, Hodkinson & White 1979, Ossiannilsson 1992, Percy 2003, White & Hodkinson 1982, 1985. Detailed description of the psyllid thorax can be found in Ouvrard et al. 2002.

Forewing (typical Psyllidae type forewing)


Head and Thorax
Redrawn from Ossiannilsson 1992
Redrawn from Ossiannilsson 1992


Hind leg
Redrawn from Ossiannilsson 1992

variation in ovipositor valve shape in some legume-feeding psyllids (Psyllidae)


There are five nymphal stages. Nymphs have very different morphologies to adults. They are wingless but have both forewing and hindwing pads. Structure and setal characters can be used for identification.

5th Instar Nymph

(a fairly typical Psyllidae type (Livilla), showing placement of some diagnostic setae)



some nymphal setal types
Redrawn from White & Hodkinson 1982

nymphal anal rings and pore regions can be simple or elaborate
Redrawn from Ossiannilsson 1992



typical Triozidae adult forewing type (with trifurcation of veins R+M+Cu1) and absence of pterostigma
typical Triozidae nymph with nymphal forewing pads extended anteriorly into humeral lobes



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All images, unless otherwise noted, are copyright Diana M. Percy

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